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The Brand

Bureo is a mission driven organization that was founded in 2013 with the goal of finding solutions for the growing issue of plastic pollution in our oceans and initiating social change. Discarded fishing nets make up approximately 10% of the pollution in our oceans while also holding the title for most damaging and harmful. Bureo seeks to combat the build up of fishing net pollution with their innovative process of working with fisheries to recycle old nets and produce new and exciting products. The products Bureo produces are exciting and fun with a supply chain that is 100% traceable. Their work continues to prevent harmful fishing nets from entering our oceans all while breathing a new life into what was previously discarded.

The Products

Bureo uses their innovative process of turning discarded fishing nets into their signature "net plus pellets" which are then used to create a variety of different products. Two of these products are the Jenga® Ocean™ board game and the Fishnet Flyer Frisbee. Both of these products are awesome ways to add some fun and entertainment in your life while also supporting a vital cause. 

Why We Love Them

At LochTree we believe that being a great steward of the environment does not have to be a sacrifice. Sometimes it can be a simple as rethinking how we tackle environmental challenges. Bureo does just this with their creative approach to combating ocean pollution. A process that results in outstanding products that introduce fun and excitement into consumers lives. What is not to love.