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Cycle of Life

The Brand

Cycle of Life is a mission driven company out of Colorado that is focused one providing eco-friendly substitutes to many of our everyday dinnerware products.  Founded in 2019 as a response to the need to reduce single-use plastics in our lives, Cycle of Life turned to thousand-year old practices, many from South East Asia, for inspiration.  What they found is that natural resources such as Bamboo, Palm Leaf, and Sugarcane could be used to provide excellent substitutes for many of our single-use plastics. From here, the stage was set and work began providing these great products to consumers in the United States. 

The Products

All of Cycle of Life’s products are plant based, biodegradable, and most importantly not harmful to the environment.  The raw-materials used to make the products (sugarcane, palm leaf, and bamboo) are 100% organic and produced without the use of harmful chemicals.  By focussing on both the supply and manufacturing process, the net result is a product that consumers can confidently use to increase sustainability within their lives while reducing their carbon footprint. 

Why We Love Them

In examining Cycle of Life products, we found an organization that endeavored to examine the whole process while producing products that performed.  As consumers consider substituting single-use plastics for eco-friendly products, we believe it is essential for those products to demonstrate not only their commitment to the environment, but also provide a great user experience.  Cycle of Life’s disposable Sugar Cane straws and Palm Leaf plates do just that. Whether using the straws in a lunchbox or the plates at your next BBQ, these products are sure to impress.