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The Brand

ECOlunchbox, a female-owned, mission-driven business based out of California, specializes in producing plastic-free food containers. The goal is to help conscious consumers reduce their dependence on plastics, reduce plastics waste, and promote the health of the environment. Their tag line "healthy for people & the planet" perfectly capture the essence of the brand. 

The Product

ECOlunchbox products are simple and straightforward and provide an awesome alternative to plastic-based food storage products. Their stainless steel containers are durable, attractive, and highly functional. Whether you are packing a quick sandwich for lunch or store leftovers, the containers have countless uses. 

Why We Love Them

At LochTree, we love this brand because of its commitment to providing a fantastic storage alternative that helps reduce plastics use and protects our environment. ECOlunchbox's mission is supported by great products that make it easy for any consumer to get behind. Swapping out your plastic container for a stainless steel ECOlunchbox is not only helps you live more sustainably, but it is also a serious upgrade to your routine. ECOlunchbox delivers on both its commitment to the environment as well as providing products that you are guaranteed to find hugely practical as well as love.