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Knork Flatware

The Brand

Knork Flatware was founded by Michael Miller with the goal of enhancing the dining experience by producing modern and innovative products - reimagining the mundane.  The goal was simple, create a better user experience with intelligently designed cutlery.  While Knork began by designing flatware intended for your home, the need for an eco-friendly alternative to quickly became apparent. 

The Product

In producing the Eco Astrik line of cutlery Knork endeavored to marry beautifully designed cutlery with sustainability.  Produced from bamboo fibers and sugar cane starch (PLA), these utensils will stand up to being tossed in a lunch day-after-day and then put through your dishwasher. 

Why We Love Them

At LochTree, we believe that choosing sustainable products, does require a sacrifice in performance.  Knork Eco Astrik is more than just a substitute for traditional plastic cutlery, it is a fantastic improvement that will enhance your meals while not damaging the environment.