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PATCH Bamboo Bandages

The Brand

PATCH began its development when founder, James Dutton noticed that his son's skin was having adverse reactions to traditional bandages and making wounds worse. Understanding why this was the case and identifying a solution became the genesis of PATCH. Dutton quickly found that traditional bandages are created with a large array of chemicals that can cause reactions in a significant number of users. PATCH was developed in response to these problems and to offer a natural alternative to wound care. 

The Product

PATCH Bamboo Bandages are an eco-friendly wound care solution. An upgrade from traditional plastic-based bandages, PATCH bandages are made from bamboo and enriched with activated charcoal, coconut oil, and aloe vera gauze. Using natural resources that have historically been proven to soothe symptoms and promote natural wound recovery for all skin types, PATCH bandages allow you to take care of yourself, while also taking care of our planet.

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, PATCH bandages are made from bamboo. Bamboo, a grass, is a fantastic, rapidly renewable resource that can be grown quickly does not require a significant amount of water and produces a tremendous amount of oxygen. 

Why We Love Them

At LochTree, we are excited about PATCH because this product helps replace an everyday plastic-based product in households around the world with an eco-friendly alternative. Not only do PATCH bandages help reduce plastic waste, but they also help provide a natural solution to wound care, removing all the unnecessary chemicals. Products like PATCH bandages make small changes to live more sustainably easily achievable.