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Sweetgum Home

The Brand

Sweetgum Home was developed with the goal of creating eco-friendly kitchen linens and other home goods.  Sweetgum marries ethically produced, compostable dishcloths with brilliant, fresh, and vibrant designs. With a mission to create “art in the everyday, and inspire you to enjoy more time making meals & memories in the heart of your home” Sweetgum helps making sustainable choices a pleasure. 

The Product

Known by many as a “Swedish” dishcloth, Sweetgum’s dishcloths are made from natural fibers and are 100% biodegradable/compostable.  Using 70% Cellulose (wood pulp), 30% Cotton, and designs printed with water based inks, these sponges are an amazing eco-friendly substitute to your traditional foamed plastic sponge.  Use as you would any other sponge, even toss in the washing machine to clean. But...and this is the important part, when your sponge gets to the end of its life, you can simply toss in the rubbish bin, or even better the compost, as they will break down and biodegrade. 

Why We Love Them

For us at LochTree we love Sweetgum sponges for 3 key reasons:

  • These sponges offer a perfect substitute to the traditional foamed plastic based sponge.  You will not give up any scrubbing power or performance.  
  • The ability to easily dispose of when you need a new sponge provides a convenient sustainable option.  You do not have to change your cleaning routine. 
  • The fantastic, colorful, and fun designs.  These sponges are a great example of reimagining the mundane and breathing fresh life into an everyday product. 

Elevate your cleaning routine today with Sweetgum sponges while adding fun and sustainable choices into your kitchen.