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Who They Are

LastObject was founded in 2018 by Isabel Aargaard. A designer by trade and eco-conscious by nature, she was frustrated by the abundance of single-use products. She began a quest to design innovative solutions to the wasteful habits of modern life. With a goal to make a lasting impact, she found her first target: the single-use swab.

In 2019, LastObject released the LastSwab. They began with a crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with more than 30,000 backers. This amazing response showed the LastObject team the potential of helping consumers make small steps toward sustainability.

LastObject’s mission is to eliminate single-use items by creating reusable sustainable alternatives. They believe that consumers will make sustainable choices when they have a good option. Since founding LastObject, Isabel has given birth to a perfect baby boy. This has given her even more inspiration to lead by example and inspire others to live more sustainably.

What They Created

Since their founding, LastObject has created solutions that give consumers an alternative to single-use products. They build premium products with thoughtful designs and high usability. In their minds, “good enough” is not good enough. They strive for both excellence and sustainability in all aspects of their business.

The LastSwab, their pilot product, replaces single-use swabs. One LastSwab can take the place of up to 1,000 cotton swabs. The LastRound targets single-use cotton rounds, with a case of seven replacing 1,750 rounds or more. In early 2021, they released the LastTissue. Each tissue can be used up to 520 times and is made from 100% organic cotton.

LastObject also crafts portable cases for their products from eco-friendly materials like recycled ocean-bound plastic, and silicone.

Where They Work

LastObject is based in Denmark, home to thick forests and scenic ocean views.

Why We Love Them

We love that LastObject finds a way to make simple, everyday products sustainable. And they do it without sacrificing convenience.

LastObject believes in starting the journey to sustainability, even if we are not perfect yet. We couldn’t agree more. So we appreciate that LastObject makes it easy for consumers to take a step towards reducing waste in their lives.

We also love that LastObject goes the extra mile to be sustainable throughout their manufacturing process. They select eco-friendly materials for their products and choose environmentally-conscious facilities to make them. The Denmark-based factory where LastRound is manufactured is one of the most eco-friendly in Europe!

How They’re Impacting the World

Since their founding, LastObject has diverted thousands of single-use items. They have the highest standards for their products — each must have at least ten times the real environmental impact of the single-use items they replace. They are end-to-end sustainable across their value chain, planning for their products from cradle to grave.

Another way LastObject helps protect the environment is by using recycled ocean-bound plastics in their product cases. This process reclaims plastic that would otherwise end up polluting the oceans and harming marine wildlife.

In the future, LastObject plans to continue looking for innovative ways to replace single-use products. They are also working to make their products available in major retail outlets to help more consumers rethink the items they use each day.

How You Can Help

When you look at the size of the challenges our planet faces, it can be easy to feel like one person can’t make a meaningful difference. However, LastObject is proof that small things are important. Every step you take to go zero-waste has a ripple effect. It changes your mindset, influences your priorities, and can inspire others to follow your example.

Some ways you can help LastObject achieve their vision are:

  • Evaluating the resources you use regularly
  • Avoiding single-use products whenever possible
  • Switching to reusable alternatives like the LastSwab and LastRound

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