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Friends & Anemones: Ocean Poems for Children

FRIENDS & ANEMONES: Ocean Poems for Children, is a fun and informative collection of original poems and art by 70 New England authors and illustrators. 

Hands join fins in an adventure through kelp forests to meet sea otters and whales. Attend an underwater birthday party! Voyage through tempests to bottom-of-the-ocean volcanoes and mysterious creatures in the deep, deep darkness. This book is a valuable ecological and poetry resource for parents as well as librarians and teachers. 

View the book trailer here: 

FRIENDS & ANEMONES is a poetry picture book. It is meant for everyone from zero-years-old to 100+. 

Educators/Caregivers:this collection is a great jumping off point to curricula about the ocean, ecology and/or poetry.


  • Grab your favorite comforting beverage
  • Gently pull book from shelf
  • Find a comfy place to sit
  • Take 4-8 deep breaths
  • Crack open the cover
  • Breath in that new-book smell...ahhhh
  • Commence reading poetry
  • Be sure to take a minute to appreciate the accompanying art
  • See the last page for activities, can you identify ten-types of poems?
  • Answer the call to become an ocean protector! Visit
  • Find one thing you can do today to make a difference

Title:Friends and Anemones: Ocean Poems for Children

Editors: Kristen Wixted, Heather Kelly

Contributor: Robert Thibeault

Publisher: Writers' Loft Press: 2020

ISBN:0998317233, 9780998317236

Length:72 pages

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