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Lobster Rope Dog Toy - Sea N' Fetch

Made from recycled Maine lobster float ropes, Sternlines Sea N’ Fetch dog toys are a fantastic play toy for your four-legged friend. These toys are versatile and durable. With a tennis ball center and convenient loop handle, they are perfect for all your puppy playtime needs.

Your furry friend is serious about fetch. She goes after frisbees and tennis balls like it’s her day job. But how many times have you finished a game of fetch only to find your frisbee torn, your tennis ball in tatters, and your dog giving you Sad Puppy Eyes? 

Sternlines Sea N’ Fetch toys are seriously strong. Each toy is made from 100% reclaimed Maine float rope. Recently, many lobster fishers have switched to a heavier float that is safer for marine wildlife. This also means a more durable toy for your fluffy pal. Even after a rousing game of tug-of-war, this rope is ready for more.

Each toy is made with a tennis ball at the center and a loop for easy throwing. An added benefit—unlike many toys, the ropes don’t absorb moisture. So you get a fun throwing experience without the extra slobber. And your pup gets an eco-friendly toy that she can enjoy day after fetch-filled day.

  • Use your Sternlines Sea N’ Fetch for all your favorite doggy games
  • To clean, hand wash & air dry
  • Play with supervision only—not intended for use as a chew toy
  • Made from 100% reclaimed Maine lobster float rope
  • Woven rope with tennis ball center and looped handle
  • Durable & tough enough for rambunctious players

Float Rope is an essential tool in lobster fishing. And newer, heavier ropes pose less of a danger to local marine life. However, the float rope eventually reaches the end of its fishing days and often ends up piled in a landfill somewhere. Sternlines Lobster Rope Dog Toys interrupt the waste cycle and give these products a new use. This reduces pollution and supports clean oceans. This means a healthier planet and plenty of doggy smiles, too.

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