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Our Mission 

To Create A Marketplace For Sustainable Products While Helping Foster A Healthier World Tomorrow. 


It was not a flash of inspiration nor was it a call to destiny, but rather a creeping and building concern about how we are caring for our world.  This feeling transformed into two simple questions: “can we rethink the way consumers learn about and shop for sustainable products? And, “can we make purchasing sustainable products more convenient?”  Lochtree’s goal is to answer those questions and in doing so help all of us make a step forward towards a healthier world tomorrow. 

This task feels incredibly daunting, which in part, is how we know it is a vital one.  We appreciate that there is not going to be a silver-bullet solution to creating a healthier planet, but rather positive incremental progress - as a community.  As a collective, our purchasing habits and choices can create real change. 

Lochtree seeks to also expand the reach of eco-friendly products while introducing more consumers to their benefits.  Positive environmental change must always be an inclusive project - one that welcomes everyone. 

Core Values

  • Building a marketplace and community that promotes positive environmental change. 
  • Providing eco-friendly products that do not require a sacrifice in quality or convenience. 
  • To provide outstanding support both our customers and our suppliers.