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About The Founder

Hi - my name is Henry Palmer and in 2019 I decided to create and launch Lochtree.  The truth of the matter is, I did not wake up one day and simply decide to start a company focussed on supplying sustainable products directly to consumers. Rather, the desire to launch Lochtree came about due to a growing concern with how we approach taking care of our world - after all, there is no planet b. So, I decided to play my part in helping care for the environment and went about creating a marketplace where consumers could easily find, research, and purchase sustainable, eco-friendly, and upcycle products. I believe that consumers do genuinely want to make more sustainable choices, but may just need a bit of guidance and to be set up for success.

Growing up I was fortunate enough to have a lot of independence and access to the outdoors. I could consistently be found outside either playing in the woods, in a stream, or digging up worms to go fishing (I was quite good at finding worms, but terrible though at fishing). My mother grew all our own vegetables and helping out in the garden was a fairly standard weekend activity. Somehow or other at age four I was even allowed my first venture into sales as I started selling any extra vegetables by the side of the road. Looking back, I didn't appreciate how lucky I was to have the time and space to explore and develop a passion for nature. While unrecognized at the time, my childhood laid the foundation for caring deeply about the environment. 

Many years and a philosophy degree later, I was fortunate enough to find myself working for an amazing mission-driven company called Wild Idea Buffalo Company, whose focus was restoring the Great Plains of America by returning the buffalo back to the open prairies of South Dakota. I worked with an incredible and inspiring team and was tasked with marketing and building awareness for the brand. I learned about marketing from the ground up while focused on environmental and consumer health. From there I was hooked.

Lochtree in many ways is an amalgamation of all of these experiences and passions. I believe that nature is exciting and wonderful, and full of opportunities to learn and grow. Taking care of the environment and preserving it for future generations is a must. I hope that Lochtree will help consumers find products that help protect the environment, live more sustainably, but also help reconnect and reinvigorate a passion for the planet. I hope that you enjoy LochTree and use the website to find information, great products, and connect with a community of conscientious consumers.

Sincerely - Henry