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About The Founder

Who is Henry

Hi — my name is Henry Palmer. I founded Lochtree in 2019. But truthfully, I did not wake up one day and simply decide to start a company. Rather, my desire to create a consumer marketplace for sustainable products grew out of my concern for how we approach taking care of our world. After all, there is no Planet B.

I wanted to play my part in helping care for the environment. So I began creating a marketplace where consumers could easily find, research, and purchase eco-friendly products. I believe people genuinely want to make more sustainable choices. Most of us just need to be guided and set up for success. For me, that guidance began in my childhood.

Rooted In Sustainability

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have a lot of independence and access to the outdoors. I spent all my summers in nature on the canals in the UK. Most days, I could be found playing in the woods, a stream, or digging up worms for fishing. (I was good at finding worms—but terrible at fishing.)

My mother grew all our vegetables and helping in the garden was a standard weekend activity. When I was four, I even made my first venture into sales by selling extra vegetables by the side of the road.

Looking back, I realize how lucky I was to have the time and space to explore the world around me. I didn’t know it at the time, but those childhood experiences laid the foundations of my deep care for nature and the environment.

My desire to be outdoors led me to take up rowing in high school. I fell in love with the sport—it gave me countless hours on the water and ultimately opportunities to travel the globe. Rowing, an activity that is typically pursued before the rest of the world has had their first coffee, allowed me time each morning to both appreciate and reflected on natural world around me.

Many years and a philosophy degree later, I found myself working for an amazing mission-driven company called Wild Idea Buffalo Company. The company’s focus is to restore the Great Plains of America by returning buffalo to the open prairies of South Dakota. Working with this incredible, inspiring team opened my eyes to the power consumerism has to create positive change.

Lochtree is a melding of all these formative experiences. It has grown out of my desire to take care of the environment—and the knowledge that community makes this possible. I believe that nature is exciting and wonderful, and that our world is full of opportunities to learn and grow. Together, we can preserve it for future generations.

My hope is that Lochtree will help consumers find products that are good for the planet, live more sustainably, and kindle their own passion for the planet. I look forward to connecting with you as we build a community of conscientious consumers.

Sincerely - Henry

Banner Photo Credit: (Early Risers: Rowers at Temple Island, photograph by Wendy Reed Photography)