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Our Story

Lochtree's Mission

To Create a Marketplace for Sustainable Products While Helping Foster a Healthier World Tomorrow.

Core Objectives

    • To build a marketplace and community that promote positive environmental change.
  • To provide high-quality, convenient eco-friendly products.
  • To provide outstanding support to our customers and suppliers.

Humble Beginnings

Lochtree did not come about as a flash of inspiration or a call to destiny. It began, as most things do, with tiny seeds. In our case, some of those seeds were literal. Our founder, Henry, grew up helping his mother in the garden and roaming outdoors. These early experiences gave him a deep love for nature.


Over time, he felt a growing concern about how we care for the world around us. This feeling developed into two simple questions: first, can we rethink the way consumers learn about and shop for sustainable products? And second, can we make purchasing sustainable products more convenient?


At Lochtree, we believe that the answer to both of these questions is a resounding yes.

Start with Something

As he contemplated what he could do to create change, Henry reflected on past experiences. He knew how much a community could accomplish when everyone came together. And he’d learned that consumerism can be harnessed to make a positive impact.


He didn’t know exactly where the journey would take him. He didn’t have a clear map that laid everything out for him. But he decided to set out on his journey anyway.


So Lochtree began simply. We started where we were and pressed forward. For Henry, this meant gathering his savings and turning his living room into a makeshift warehouse to hold the beginnings of a sustainable marketplace.

Belief in Change

Our goal is to provide a convenient way for consumers to make earth-friendly choices. We’ve seen the power of positive consumer choices firsthand, and we know that every small step today leads to a better world tomorrow.


Around the world, passionate individuals and companies are dedicating themselves to creating products that fill consumer needs without harming the planet. Constant innovations and growth provide new ways for consumers to make sustainable choices.


As a marketplace, Lochtree seeks to expand the reach of these eco-friendly products and introduce more people to their benefits. Lochtree is a place where everyone is welcome—from lifelong environmentalists to those only beginning to learn about caring for the planet. More than just another store, Lochtree is a community where conscientious consumers can join together.

Vision for the Future

Changing the way we shop, educate ourselves, and care for the environment is a daunting task. But that weight is one way we know the task is vital. We recognize that there won’t be a silver-bullet solution to creating a healthier planet. The real answer lies in incremental progress toward positive change—progress we make as a community.


We have one beautiful, diverse planet to call home. At Lochtree, we feel the great importance of preserving our planet for future generations. From start to finish, we strive to provide the best we have to our suppliers, our customers, and our environment. Our partnerships with other organizations give us new ways to protect the environment. And every person who joins with us increases our collective impact.


So we invite you to join with us in making simple, steady progress toward positive change. Together, we can plant the seeds that will lead to a brighter world tomorrow—for all of us.