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Bee's Wrap Assorted Set Of 3 Sizes (S, M, L)


Bee's Wrap is a sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. Whether you are wrapping bread, cheese, vegetables, or covering a bowl, these fantastic beeswax wraps have got you covered - literally. Bee's Wrap products are made with beeswax, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin creating a great 100% natural alternative to single-use plastics.

How To Use

Bee's Wraps are simple and easy to use alternative to plastic food storage. With just the warmth of your hands, you can soften the wrap and create a seal. When cool, the wrap will hold its shape.

To reuse, wash the wrap in cool water with (importantly) mild dish soap. Let air dry.


Assorted Set of 3 Includes:

  • 1 Small 7" x 8" (17,5 x 20 cm) - wrap a lemon, avocado or small snack.
  • 1 Medium 10" x 11" (25 x 27,5 cm) - wrap cheese, carrots, herbs, or cover a bowl. 
  • 1 Large 13" x 14" (33 x 35 cm) - wrap half a melon, greens, baked goods or cover a bowl.

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