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Sustainable Dog Treats: Superfood Bites

Peanut butter and pumpkin dog treats with digestive support. Made with human-grade cricket protein. All natural and planet-friendly.

Your dog is a furry, fun-loving superhero. She lets you know the second the mailman pulls up, she knows when you’ve had a bad day, and she’s always up for a riveting game of catch. Your life just wouldn’t be complete without her. You know your super-dog needs super nutrition to match. So you want to make the best choice for her—and for the environment.

Chippin Superfood Bites are full of sustainable, natural goodness. Pumpkin, oats, and flaxseed provide fiber and aid digestion. Peanuts and cricket powder offer high-quality protein to support your dog’s heroic activities. Formulated without any of the top dog allergens, these treats are perfect for sensitive stomachs. And unlike conventional dog treats, Chippin treats are made with the planet in mind. 

When you choose Chippin treats, you and your good girl take an easy step to reduce your carbon pawprint. Cricket protein uses 90% fewer resources and creates no methane. Even the bag is recyclable! Whether your dog needs to leap tall buildings in a single bound or simply snuggle with you on the couch, Chippin treats give them the taste and nutrients they needs.

  • Break each treat into pieces when feeding to your dog.
  • Feed your pup Chippin Superfood Bites according to the following weight guidelines: 
    • Under 20 lbs: 1-2 treats per day
    • 20-30 lbs: 3-4 treats per day
    • 40+ lbs: 5-6 treats per day
  • Sit back and watch your super-dog shine.

✓ Hypoallergenic   ✓ Omega-3 rich    ✓ Prebiotic 

  • Ingredients: Oats, peanuts, crickets, flaxseed, pumpkin, sunflower oil, honey, cinnamon
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Omega-3 and B-12 rich
  • Prebiotic
  • All natural and planet-friendly
  • Made in the USA in small batches  

Each 5 oz bag of Chippin snacks saves 40 gallons of water on average over any other dog treats. 

The production of traditional meat is tremendously resource-intensive. On average 560 gallons of water is required to produce 1 pound of poultry protein and 2000 gallons for 1 pound of beef protein.

Cricket protein, on the other hand is a significantly more viable, only requiring a single gallon of water to create 1 pound of edible protein.  

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