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Leaf Razor Stand

The Leaf Razor is an innovative safety razor — designed by engineers to give you a superior shaving experience. Since it’s made from durable metal with recyclable blades, it’s an easy way to reduce waste in your daily routine. 

Your investment in a safety razor pays off over time. In the long run, it costs just pennies per shave. An important part of helping your razor last is letting it dry completely each time you use it. The Leaf Razor Stand makes that easy! 

This sturdy metal stand is precision-cut to hold your Leaf Razor upright for optimal airflow. The drainage hole in the bottom helps the razor dry, preventing rusted blades. And an anti-slip rubber foot keeps the stand in place, so you can display your razor in the shower or on the counter. Now, you have a perfect zero-waste shave always within reach.

  • Place your stand in the shower or on the counter
  • Display your Leaf Razor proudly
  • Use stand to allow razor to dry fully between uses
  • Designed for The Leaf Razor
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Anti-slip rubber footing
  • Drainage hole to allow proper drying
  • Perfect for use in shower or on counter

Every year, United States consumers throw away over 3 billion disposable razors. This creates over 25 thousand tons of packaging waste and 1 million tons of carbon emissions. The Leaf Razor helps you cut down on plastic use and reduce your carbon footprint. Using a Leaf Razor Stand lets your razor drain and dry properly between uses — so your blades last longer and your razor stays in tip-top shape. It’s an ultra-convenient way to reduce waste and get the maximum return on your investment.

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