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Lochtree Recycled Trucker Hat

Can you make an impact with something as simple as the hat you wear? With this Lochtree Trucker Hat by Recover Brands, you can! Unlike most hats on the market, this hat is made with recycled PET from used plastic bottles. 

Millions of water bottles are used every day, creating pollution and consuming key resources. Recover Brands reclaims plastic bottles and keeps them out of the landfill. Instead, they give them a new life by processing them into premium sustainable apparel. Each Lochtree Trucker Hat is made with attention to every detail. It’s designed to last, but breathable and lightweight enough to keep you comfortable every day.

Another way your Lochtree hat makes a difference is by helping raise awareness about environmental issues. Join the Lochtree team and spread the word — your hat is a natural way to start the conversation about why sustainability matters to you. And, of course, you can look and feel great while doing it.

  • Use the adjustable band to find your perfect fit
  • Wear your Lochtree hat at home or on the go
  • Enjoy sporting stylish, eco-friendly headwear
  • Hand wash in cold water and air dry
  • Made with PET from recycled water bottles
  • Trucker-style hat
  • Comfortable 6-panel design

Every year, US consumers use over 50 billion plastic water bottles. These bottles require time, energy, and fuel to produce — and throwing them away puts a strain on the planet’s finite resources. Recover Brands repurposes these water bottles into premium fabric and apparel. This circular model of consumption helps keep waste out of landfills and reduces each product’s carbon footprint. And by supporting conscious businesses like Recover Brands and Lochtree, you pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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