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Twin Pack Scourers

The EcoCoconut Scourer is a sustainable cleaning tool you can use around the house.

If you open a typical cleaning closet, you find a small mountain of plastic cleaning tools. Digging around to find what you need feels like a waste of time — and you’re constantly dealing with replacing something broken or worn out.

The EcoCoconut Scourer gives you a convenient way to clean things up. You can ditch the mountain of plastic and always find what you need. This durable, multipurpose tool adds class to your kitchen. And it packs serious scrubbing power. The unique coconut bristles are gentle enough for non-stick surfaces, but tough enough to give you a superior clean. 

Since it’s made from sustainable coconut husk and organic tree rubber latex, it’s zero-waste and free from harmful chemicals. You can easily rinse debris from the bristles and reuse it again and again. Enjoy simple, eco-friendly cleaning with your EcoCoconut Scourer.

  • Use your EcoCoconut Scourers to wash dishes, clean around the house, or scour the grill or barbeque
  • Test on new surfaces in an inconspicuous area before use
  • To clean, rinse scourer thoroughly and let dry
    • Made from sustainably-farmed coconut husk and FSC-certified organic tree rubber latex
    • Plastic-Free
    • Non-Scratch
    • Safe for non-stick surfaces
    • Naturally antibacterial
    • Biodegradable
    • Sustainable
    • Free from toxic chemicals
    • Durable design

    Plastic-based sponges, scourers, and brushes are a staple for household chores. But these cleaning tools have a dirty secret. When you clean with plastic, tiny particles often break off and enter the environment. Microplastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to our ocean today. And when plastic tools wear out, they end up in landfills where they take many years to break down. EcoCoconut Scourers are made from 100% sustainable, biodegradable materials. They’re made to last, so you can safely clean day after day. And when you’re finished with them, you can rest easy knowing they’ll break down without leaving anything harmful behind.

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