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As climate champions, this day has been marked in our calendars for a long time. Each year, as Earth Day rolls around, a new theme is announced to spark important conversations around some aspect of the climate crisis, and you can bet we’re here for it. 

This year, the theme is Invest In Our Planet. So, we wanted to take this opportunity to dig into something we see more and more of in the sustainability world – namely, carbon offsetting

  • 10 min read
Take a second to grab your reusable water bottle and take a drink. Why? Chances are, the water you’re sipping has passed through the Amazon rainforest before it reached you — probably more than once. (Who knew your water was so well-traveled!)
  • 7 min read
Since life first blossomed on earth, organisms have evolved complicated interdependencies in order to survive. When we look at these relationships, a very important one is between plants and the organisms that pollinate them. This is done by insects, birds, bats, and other animals by transferring pollen from one flower to the next, allowing them to reproduce.
  • 3 min read