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Free Shipping On Orders Over $65


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Lochtree - Soy Candles

Simple Choices. Better Planet.

Lochtree was started with a mission of helping create a healthier and more sustainable world. By helping us share our mission and products with your readers and followers, you can help play a vital role in building a sustainable future.

Support Sustainability

The need to address the environmental challenges facing our world has never been greater. At Lochtree it is our goal to help provide sustainable alternatives to many of our home & lifestyle goods as well as support essential environmental and social restoration projects in the process.  

Earn Money

On all purchases made through affiliate links, you’ll earn commission on net sales (excluding shipping, taxes and returns.)

Be A Part of the Team

As a Lochtree affiliate, you will be a part of the team and the first to know about newproducts, events, and other Lochtree developments, giving your readers and followers the inside scoop.

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