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Lochtree is a fresh approach to sustainability. We make it easy for consumers to find great eco friendly products while helping create positive environmental change.

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Finding a durable, sustainable doormat can be, well, a pain. Some of the most durable outdoor mats come with a plastic coating on the bottom. As you probably already know, plastic isn’t great for the environment. At the end of a doormat’s life, whether due to being made of mixed material or being straight up plastic, doormats often can’t be recycled or composted. Instead, you have to send them off to a landfill and live with that little bit of extra environmental guilt. Yikes.

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In the sustainability world, recycling has long been everyone’s favorite pet. And for good reason – it’s impactful and simple to do, which is guaranteed to give us earth-lovers a good kick.

But the world is always turning, and new solutions are constantly being invented. So, while you might be very familiar with recycling… have you heard of upcycling?

  • 5 min read
The food that we eat creates a big carbon footprint, even if you only eat produce. For example, first the product has to be grown, which can sometimes include using harmful chemicals and pesticides. Then our food is often shipped a significant distance. Regularly, we transport food before it’s ripe, or it would be rotten by the time it got to you. Then there’s the carbon footprint of the store you buy the food at, and the waste that’s created if no one buys it. Last, going to the store is part of your carbon footprint if you drive. 
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