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Lochtree is a fresh approach to sustainability. We make it easy for consumers to find great eco friendly products while helping create positive environmental change.

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The ocean has always connected us humans – to each other, and to places and ideas beyond our reach. Seeing its cobalt surface calms us down, and the soothing sounds of waves make us relax. But for millions of people around the world, the ocean is more than just a view – it’s also a vital source of food and income. 

  • 7 min read
Imagine you’re packing for a big trip that you’re excited about. You and your best friend are going somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. It’s the night before you leave. You are packing later than you’d like because you worked late. It doesn’t matter too much, because you can’t wait to get to your destination first thing in the morning. 
  • 5 min read
If you’re a person who believes in recycling plastic, we’d love to see a metaphorical show of hands. How many of you take apart your deodorant tube before recycling? Everyone knows that there are different plastics that make up a deodorant tube, right? Even if the container says it's recyclable, you know it’s still important to break down the tube and dispose of each of the pieces properly, correct?
  • 4 min read
In this episode of Conversations on Sustainability we sit down with Kristi MacDonald and Kevin Parchment of BeeBAGZ to discuss the BeeBAGZ and their efforts to provide plastic-free food storage alternatives. We explore the drive to create the brand BeeBAGZ and how as a company BeeBAGZ is striving to provide consumers with eco-friendly and sustainable food storage alternatives.
In this episode of Conversations on Sustainability we sit down with Marianna Hagbloom of the New England Aquarium to discuss the North Atlantic Right Whale. We explore the environmental challenges the Right Whale is currently facing as well as the work that is being done to protect this endangered species.
In this episode of Conversations on Sustainability we sit down with Emilee Elingburg of The Bee Cause Project to discuss the impact of bees and pollinators on the environment and their connection to sustainability. Emilee is the Director of Educational Programs at The Bee Cause Project and has been working to help educate, raise awareness, protect, and connect bees with students. In Emilee's words "The Bee Cause Project helps bring bees to kids, and kids to bees."