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At first, it may seem straightforward: you decide to stop buying fast fashion and support sustainable brands instead. Then it gets a little more complicated: you realize some of your favorite brands are participating in greenwashing by exaggerating their support of people and the environment and doing little to create real, tangible change. You then travel down a rabbit hole where you discover that other sustainable brands, even if they aren’t greenwashing, are still using resource-intensive materials, haven’t eliminated plastic from their packaging, or aren’t as transparent as they need to be.
  • 6 min read
As soon as I started working on Friends & Anemones: Ocean Poems for Children to raise awareness about the delicate state of the ocean and keeping it clean, Heather, my co-editor, told me to watch a movie about how trash-filled the seas are. It was horrifying. So I looked for a non-profit, some kind of ocean clean-up organization, to donate a share of the proceeds to. I found Rozalia Project, and immediately felt better.
  • 4 min read