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Episode 3: Creating Awareness for Pollinators with The Bee Cause Project

  • 1 min read

In this episode of Conversations on Sustainability we sit down with Emilee Elingburg of The Bee Cause Project to discuss the impact of bees and pollinators on the environment and their connection to sustainability. Emilee is the Director of Educational Programs at The Bee Cause Project and has been working to help educate, raise awareness, protect, and connect bees with students. In Emilee's words "The Bee Cause Project helps bring bees to kids, and kids to bees." 

Learn More

Learn more at The Bee Cause Project

Learn about planting for pollinators Here

Learn about Pollinator Week Here

Other great resources: The Bee Conservancy, USDA Gardening for Pollinators, and The Nature Conservancy.

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