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Water’s Role in Our Lives

At Lochtree, we are passionate about water. Since we are headquartered in Boston, we are lucky enough to live near lakes, rivers, and the vast Atlantic Ocean. But we know that water is more than just a beautiful natural feature; it is a crucial part of life on our planet.

Ocean Waves

From krill to kangaroos, all living creatures rely on water to survive. Humans are no exception. We use water to drink, to clean, to travel—in short, we cannot live without it. Yet despite water’s importance to each of us, the issues surrounding it are too often out of sight and out of mind in our day to day lives.

Around the world, formidable challenges threaten our global water resources. Some of the most pressing are widespread pollution, lack of access to clean water, and a need for more education about these issues. Lochtree is committed to supporting solutions to these challenges.

Working Together to Make a Difference

One person can make a positive change. And many of the world’s most powerful movements begin with a single person. But when we work together, our impact grows exponentially. Lochtree focuses on both sides: empowering individual consumers to make sustainable choices, and creating a strong community where those individuals can join together.

We know the challenges we face in protecting our water resources are too big for one person or group to overcome alone. To solve these problems, we need each other.

This is why Lochtree chooses to partner with Rozalia Project. Rozalia Project is on the front lines of ocean cleanup, but they don’t stop there. They also strive to spread awareness, promote prevention through education and work on solutions based research.

About Rozalia Project

Rozalia Project Logo

Since 2010, Rozalia Project has worked to address the complex issue of marine pollution. They tackle this challenge from many angles, including education, prevention, and cleanup. 

The foundation is named for Rozalia Belsky. Rozalia was born in 1896 in present-day Ukraine. Due to religious persecution, Rozalia left in 1922 with her young daughter to join her husband, Jacov, in America. Their first trip left them stranded in Turkey, where Rozalia persevered in the face of great hardships. Later that year, she and Anitchka were finally able to travel across the Atlantic to reunite with Jacov and find a fresh start. 

Honoring the role that water played in Rozalia’s life, Rozalia Project is dedicated to preserving the health of our planet’s water for future generations. Rozalia Project has masterminded innovations such as an eco-friendly research vessel, deep-diving ROV cameras, and the first consumer solution to microfiber pollution, the Cora Ball.

Water’s value cannot be overstated, and the need to care for it has never been greater. Lochtree is proud to partner with Rozalia Project in working to protect this precious natural resource. For more information about Rozalia Project, please visit