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Bubbe Clip

The Bubbe Clip is a simple tool to reduce unnecessary plastic waste from your home while keeping your food fresh. Crafted in Vermont from sustainably harvested Baltic birch, the Bubbe Clip a must-have in your kitchen. Each 3-pack includes three Bubbe Clips packaged in 100% recyclable packaging.

The Bubbe Clip couldn't be simpler to use. Twist or fold your paper, plastic, or foil bags, then clip them shut. Your food will stay fresh and you will eliminate the need for extra plastic bags or containers. 

Should you need or want to clean the Bubbe Clip, hand wash only. 

Our Environmental Commitment

At Lochtree, we believe in supporting sustainability while doing our part to give back to the environment. 

With every purchase made, Lochtree supports projects to help promote environmental care and restoration.