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DIY ColdBrew Coffee Kit - 1 Quart

You need your morning coffee, but it feels too hot for your regular brew. Not to worry, you've got your ColdBrew sitting ready in the fridge.

What's even better, you remember that you made your ColdBrew with the CoffeeSock DIY ColdBrew Kit. All CoffeeSock filters are reusable, made from Certified Organic cotton, and help you play your part in reducing waste. So, enjoy your amazing morning cup of ColdBrew and tackle the day. 

  1. add your favorite freshly ground coffee (medium to course)

  2. bloom to start (we grounds thoroughly and let sit for 60 seconds)

  3. Pour water through grounds to fill the jar

  4. twist neck of filter, wrap twice with strap and pass twisted neck of filter through the glass ring to secure.

  5. drop coffee-filled filter into the jar to steep. 

  6. remove the filter and rest in the mouth of the jar to fully drain. 

  7. top off cold brew jar with fresh water, to desired strength. 

Brewing instructions are included with the product. 
  • Kit includes: canning jar and reusable filter - CoffeeSock ColdBrew filters are durable and may last a year or more
  • Made-to-Fit: Canning Jar
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 1 Quart Jar 

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