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Long Handle String Bag

Do you find yourself hoarding bulky reusable bags—andstill forget them every time you go out? Meet the ECOBAGS string bag. This classic mesh tote collapses so well you almost forget it’s there, and it’s tough enough to hold everything you need. With a generous 13” handle, your bag rests comfortably against your side while you shop.

Plastic grocery bags are difficult to recycle and often find an unfortunate path to our oceans. When you reach for this convenient tote, you take a stand to keep our environment healthy. The ECOBAGS string bag is made with 100% certified organic cotton and lead-free dyes. Long-lasting and multifunction, it makes a fashionable, earth-friendly addition to your daily routine.

  1. Keep your cotton tote in an accessible place.
  2. Use it in place of plastic bags at the grocery store, the beach, or on vacation.
  3. Fill with up to 40 lbs of your favorite stuff.
  4. When your bag needs cleaning, machine wash cold and hang dry.
  • Bag Style: String Bag
  • Material Type: 100% Certified Organic Cotton
  • Material Color: Natural
  • Handle Style: Long
  • Handle Size: 0.75"W x 13"Drop Length
  • Capacity: 40 lbs

  • The average plastic bag is used for fourteen minutes before being discarded. Currently, one trillion plastic bags are used every year and, there are approximately fifteen trillion plastic bags in the ocean (and counting). Plastic bags themselves, make up an ecological disaster.

    Swapping to a reusable carrier bag, like ECOBAGS, is a great and simple alternative. By bringing your own carrier bag with you to the store, you can help prevent additional plastic bags from entering our oceans and water systems. 

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