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Knork - Eco Astrik 6 Piece Set

Smart cutlery makes your food taste better.  But a clever design made from earth-friendly materials? Now that’s just brilliant! 

Made of bamboo fibers and sugar cane starch (PLA) , this 6 piece set of forks and spoons is perfect for all dining situations--from BBQs to picnics to desk lunches. Dishwasher safe, durable and reusable with a recommended lifetime of 400 washes.  
Biodegradable by design - meant to last about a year with use and reuse.

Ditch the plastic and use these adorable plant-based pieces that compost within 2 years of disposal! 

Set includes:  3 Eco forks and 3 Eco spoons. 
Approx 6.75"each  (in colors orange, blue, gray)
retail packaging made of biodegradable kraft material - and zero plastic!

Our Environmental Commitment

At Lochtree, we believe in supporting sustainability while doing our part to give back to the environment. 

With every purchase made, Lochtree supports projects to help promote environmental care and restoration.