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LastRound is a reusable, sustainable alternative to single-use cotton rounds. 

In the morning, you use a cotton round to put on your favorite makeup. In the evening, you use another to take it off. And when you run out, you pick up another pack from the store. Does this sound like you? If so, you may be using more than 730 cotton rounds every year. On a global scale, this means billions of single-use rounds ending up in landfills. 

LastRound is made to be sustainable and easy to use. It’s made from a unique blend of materials you can wash and reuse. When you apply liquid, it softens to feel just like regular cotton rounds against your skin. With seven rounds in a recycled plastic case, you can replace up to 1750 single-use rounds (or more). 

And when your LastRounds wear out, you can compost them at home. So you get all the comfort and convenience of a single-use cotton round with none of the harmful waste.

  • Use your LastRounds to replace single-use cotton rounds
  • Machine wash up to 140F in a mesh laundry bag
  • To remove stains, apply grease-fighting dish soap to area then launder the rounds
  • 70% Scandanavian wood fibers and 30% cotton fibers
  • Fully compostable with household waste
  • Case made from recycled ocean-bound plastic
  • Includes seven rounds
  • Round diameter: 6cm
  • One pack replaces 1,750 single-use rounds or more
  • Made in Denmark

Single-use cotton rounds create mountains of waste every year. Cotton is a thirsty crop, requiring over 22,000 gallons of water to grow just one kilogram. And if it is not farmed organically, it is often heavily treated with toxic chemicals. LastRound is made from soft natural fibers that are gentle on your skin but tough enough to last for 250 uses or more. With LastRound, you help conserve natural resources and combat pollution.

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