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LastSwab is a sustainable, reusable replacement for single-use swabs.

A typical cotton swab is only about four inches long and weighs less than a gram. It seems small, right? But if you multiply it by the billions, it becomes a big problem. Around the world, single-use swabs are piling up in landfills and ending up in the ocean. Whether they’re made from paper or plastic, they’re unsustainable.

LastSwab gives you a smarter solution. The ends are made from a pliable, durable material you can clean and use again and again. It replaces up to 1,000 single-use swabs — and requires just a fraction of the natural resources. You can use your LastSwab to apply or remove makeup, clean your ears, and more.

With LastSwab, you can make a tiny swap that has a huge impact on the planet. Replacing common single-use products is a key step toward a more sustainable future.

  • Use LastSwab in place of single-use swabs
  • Clean with water and soap
  • Sanitize with rubbing alcohol if desired
  • Enjoy your LastSwab for up to 1,000 uses
  • Latex-free
  • Ends made from rubber-like TPE material
  • Rod made from plastic reinforced with glass fiber
  • Case made from recycled ocean-bound plastic
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Ideal for use in beauty routines, personal care, or first aid
  • Tested to last up to 1,000 uses
  • Made in Denmark & China
  • Manufactured in SMETA-certified facilities

1.5 million cotton swabs are made each day. Most of these are used for just seconds before ending up in a landfill. LastSwab replaces up to 1,000 single-use swabs. And it takes just 36 uses to become a better option than single-use swabs based on carbon footprint. LastSwab also helps conserve water, fossil fuels and land use. LastSwab gives you a convenient way to reduce waste in your daily routine.

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