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Scrubber Brush

The CASA AGAVE™ Pot Scrubber Brush is a sustainable, plastic-free brush you can use to clean around your home. 

You probably have a variety of scrubbers, brushes, and sponges around your house. These can be useful for cleaning — but they also contribute to harmful plastic waste. Over time, they shed tiny microplastic particles that pollute water supplies around the world.

The CASA AGAVE™ Pot Scrubber Brush gives you the scrubbing power you need without any plastic. A smooth bamboo handle makes it easy to grasp and clean — and plant fiber bristles help remove dirt and grime. And when your brush wears out, you can rest easy knowing it will safely biodegrade after use.

Say goodbye to polluting plastic brushes. With the CASA AGAVE™ Pot Scrubber Brush, you can keep your home in top shape while helping to care for the planet.

  • Use to clean dishes, vegetables, or household surfaces
  • Works perfectly with the No Tox Life Vegan DISH BLOCK®
  • Store away from water and allow to dry between uses
  • Compost or bury in the garden after use
  • Moso Bamboo Handle
  • Medium-weight natural agave, coconut, or palmyra fiiber bristles
  • Multi-use cleaning brush
  • Lasts 1-3 months or more depending one use and care
  • Lightly coated with an FSC-certified non-toxic wood coating

Plastic sponges and bristles create microplastics, which are tiny plastic pieces that often escape into water sources. Marine animals eat these microplastics and pass them down the food chain, which harms the environment and human health. CASA AGAVE™ Pot Scrubber Brushes are 100% biodegradable and plastic-free. With sustainable plant bristles and a lightweight bamboo handle, they’re an eco-friendly addition to your home.

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