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Vegan Dish Block

No Tox Life Vegan DISH BLOCK® is a concentrated, plastic-free replacement for liquid dish soap.

Do you feel like dirty dishes magically appear whenever you look away from the sink? Are you tired of wasting plastic bottles — or finding crusty soap drips all over the countertop? We get it. Washing dishes is a part of our daily routine, too. But plastic waste and harmful ingredients can make liquid dish soap destructive to the planet.

No Tox Life Vegan DISH BLOCK® makes dishwashing cleaner and greener. It’s ultra-concentrated and packed with natural ingredients that bust grease while moisturizing your skin. Unlike liquid dish soap, it’s easy to portion and store. Simply rub your dish brush or scrubber on the soap bar. You’ll be amazed by how well it lathers!

And the DISH BLOCK® isn’t just great at banishing grease and grime from dishes. You can also use it to remove laundry stains, clean carpet, or wash up the kitchen. With your DISH BLOCK®, you can keep things spotlessly clean without creating waste.

  • Rinse or scrape off excess grease & food
  • Wet dish brush
  • Rub dish brush onto DISH BLOCK®
  • Enjoy washing with rich, fluffy suds
  • Rub brush as needed to refresh suds
  • Wash items and rinse well
  • Tip: Store your bar on a Bamboo Soap Shelf to keep it away from standing water
  • Allow to dry between uses
  • Do not attempt to cut the bar into smaller pieces
  • Use for laundry stains, removing jar labels, or cleaning carpets or kitchen surfaces
  • Test on a small inconspicuous area before use
  • Note: Do not use on porous stone surfaces like granite, quartz, or marble
  • 5.9 oz
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Free from phosphate, sulfate, parabens, fragrance, palm oil, and gluten
  • Infused with aloe to moisturize skin
  • Septic Safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Multi-use home cleaning product
  • Works in all water types including hard water

Liquid soap may clean dishes, but it creates a mess for the planet. Most of us use too much for each wash since it’s difficult to portion. And those small, convenient plastic bottles pile up fast. No Tox Life DISH BLOCK® is ultra-concentrated and long-lasting — and 100% free from plastic waste. It’s also formulated with only effective, gentle ingredients. So it cleans around the house without irritating your skin or putting harmful ingredients down the drain.

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