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Lochtree's Origin Story

  • 2 min read

An Idea

It was not a flash of inspiration nor was it a call to destiny, but rather a creeping and building concern about how we are caring for our world.  This feeling transformed into two simple questions: “can we rethink the way consumers learn about and shop for sustainable products? And, “can we make purchasing sustainable products more convenient?”  That was enough - enough to realize that this was a challenge that needed to be tackled.  

Taking A Step Forward

As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and thinking big had to be a part of the plan.  Projects and any challenges worth taking on require an incredible amount of effort and this would be no different.  Researching and testing products, building a platform to share and sell great sustainable and eco-friendly products, communicating those messages to consumers, and raising awareness about the benefits of eco-friendly products, all while giving back to the environment.  These were going to be major hurdles, but ones worth taking on. So one evening, after all was completed for the day, organization went to the whiteboard, literally, and a roadmap of where to start began to take shape balancing planning with action. From there, we were underway.  

Lochtree - The Brand

One of the objectives in building a marketplace was to for sustainable and eco-friendly products was to do so in an inclusive manner.  Building a platform that was equally relevant for the seasoned environmentalist as well as those just looking to make small changes in their purchasing habits was critical.  As a community, we will always be able to achieve more than as individuals, and it was important that this business celebrate community and inclusivity. We are all children of the same world and also all subject to the same consequences of not caring for that world.  

The name Lochtree came about through considering elements of both land and water and the need to care for both.  In addition a name like LochTree would be void of any previous connotations, and could be imbued with its own meaning.  Simple, clean, and open for a new interpretation. 

The Next Chapter

As Lochtree grows and continues to move forward we will continue to focus on the following core values outlined on the whiteboard. Building a marketplace and community that promotes positive environmental change. 

  • Building a marketplace and community that promotes positive environmental change. 
  • Providing eco-friendly products that do not require a sacrifice in quality or convenience. 
  • To provide outstanding support both our customers and our suppliers.