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PAPR Deodorant - The Zero Waste Deodorant that Actually Works

  • 4 min read

If you’re a person who believes in recycling plastic, we’d love to see a metaphorical show of hands. How many of you take apart your deodorant tube before recycling? Everyone knows that there are different plastics that make up a deodorant tube, right? Even if the container says it's recyclable, you know it’s still important to break down the tube and dispose of each of the pieces properly, correct?

Oh - of course not. Because that’s ridiculous. Kind of like plastic. Kind of like trying to recycle plastic in general. 

If you’re feeling red in the face because you’ve just learned a not-so-fun-fact about your personal hygiene, you are not alone. It’s not your fault that plastic recycling is so confusing. Especially when it comes to deodorant. It’s not your fault products often aren’t labeled properly and lead to recycling contamination. In case that’s an unfamiliar term, recycling contamination is when non-recyclable plastic ends up at a recycling facility. The non-recyclable plastic compromises a whole load of recyclable plastic if it’s not caught and removed in time. Then the whole load gets taken to the landfill. 

The sad, simple story is this: only between 6%-9% of the earth’s plastic actually gets recycled. By this we don’t mean your plastic water bottle got put in a recycling bin after you drank it all. We mean your plastic was made-into-something-else recycled. But there is good news if you aren’t looking to learn how to take apart deodorant tubes. 

There are zero waste deodorants that actually work. We love the one we carry, PAPR deodorant. No dis-assembling necessary. Just zero waste, recyclable deodorant tubes.

Why Ingredients Matter in Your Deodorant

Let’s get a little personal for a moment. Your armpits are a sensitive place. Even if you aren’t ticklish! That’s why what you put on your armpits is so important. PAPR never uses aluminum, parabens, or sulfates. Aluminum (like the foil) clogs your pores so you never sweat in the first place. Sulfates strip oils and moisture from your skin. Some studies have found that parabens can change the way your body regulates estrogen and hormones. All around, these ingredients found in most deodorants are not great. 

Instead, PAPR deodorant is made with baking soda for freshness. They use coconut oil and shea butter for glide on smoothness. All their scents come from essential oils for a natural scent throughout your day. These ingredients also won’t irritate your skin. Using PAPR gives your underarms the tender love and care they deserve and reduces that dreaded underarm smell.

Environmental Considerations for this Zero Waste Deodorant

Deodorant Infographic

We’re about to tell you three words about our deodorant every sustainability enthusiast wants to hear: 100% biodegradable packaging. But what does that mean for you, the consumer? Why should you care about what your deodorant comes in?

First of all, you don’t have to find a YouTube tutorial on how to deconstruct your deodorant tube to dispose of it. That alone feels like a huge bonus to us. When your deodorant has reached the end of its life, all you have to do is put it in the recycling bin. The tube is 99.98% FSC certified, responsibly sourced paper and .02% a PLA membrane made of cornstarch. Why is basically the pretty label, but without the plastic. 

PAPR is also a climate neutral company that creates its products with solar power. All products are made in the United States. That means a lower carbon footprint when shipping your deodorant. Especially compared to deodorants that are made internationally.

But do Zero Waste Deodorants Actually Work?

We know natural deodorants have a reputation for… stinking. But hear us out - natural deodorants have come a long way. In fact, you don’t even have to hear us out. Here is what the rest of the world is saying about PAPR deodorants. 

  • Allure listed PAPR deodorants as one of it’s favorite beauty products in July of 2021. The quote mentioned that the deodorant worked great for sensitive skin. 
  • One van dweller said they were traveling across the country, only showering once every five days as they visited national parks. They used PAPR deodorant and proudly shared that they never stank during the trip. 
  • PAPR made Elle’s list of the 15 best deodorant brands for sensitive skin. 
  • Currently, on our website, PAPR only has five star reviews. 

We get the skepticism of natural deodorants. We know it can be hard to move away from a product that you know works. However, there are many options out there of zero waste deodorants that could easily replace what you’re using now. It’s time to take the plunge and find the right one for you. 

Pro-tip: The right one for you is PAPR.

Zero Waste Deodorant Doesn’t Stink

At the risk of sounding like we’re quoting Outkast, I know you like to think your pits don’t stink. But let’s just pretend for a moment they do. Each morning, you have the opportunity to wake up and put on a deodorant, knowing that what you’re putting on your skin is safe. You know the carbon footprint to get it to you was lower than many products. You know the product is vegan and is made cruelty free. You know that at the end of its life cycle, it can go in the recycling bin. 

You also have the opportunity to pick between five gender neutral scents - so express yourself how you see best! Heck, why not mix and match - perhaps Bright Shiny Morning for work days and So Hot Right Now for Friday night?! Do what feels right for you!

We can tell you there are three things you will not miss when you switch to PAPR zero waste deodorant. 

  1. You won’t miss putting an ingredient into your pores that is also used to wrap leftovers (we’re looking at you, tinfoil.)
  2. You won’t miss learning how to take apart deodorant tubes, like a backwards IKEA nightmare. 
  3. Most importantly, you won’t miss your old deodorant. 

Get your zero waste deodorant here.