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The Brand

CoffeeSock is a family-owned business based out of Austin, Texas, that is focussed on creating a better performing and reusable coffee filter. The origin of the first CoffeeSock is one of necessity. Finding themselves out of coffee filter founders fashioned one out of organic fabric - necessity truly is the mother of invention. The fabric filter worked so well that what began over a desire for a cup of coffee quickly developed into a business with CoffeeSock filters being designed for all the most popular coffee brewing processes. 

The Product

CoffeeSock filters are fantastic for several reasons. They are hand made in Texas from GOTS certified organic cotton. The fabric filter helps produce a brighter and more vibrant flavor for your coffee while being reusable time and time again. Finally, at the end of a filter's life, they are compostable and can return to the earth while being completely free of any chemicals. 

Why We Love Them

At Lochtree, we love CoffeeSock because they have taken an everyday ritual process (making a cup of coffee) and improved it while simultaneously making it more eco-friendly and sustainable. Drinking coffee, in many ways, is about community, and we believe that sharing a great cup of coffee while practicing sustainable living, is an awesome way to live.