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Leaf Shave

Who They Are

Leaf Shave was founded by Adam Hahn and Adam Simone, two engineers with years of experience in manufacturing and business. After designing robots for knee surgery, they realized they could apply their expertise to a simple, everyday routine: shaving.

In the United States alone, consumers throw over 3 billion disposable razors away every year. That’s 5,000 a minute! These razors are typically made from plastic and packaged in even more plastic.

And even after this plastic is tossed, it sticks around for up to 400 years, contributing to pollution in landfills and the environment. Manufacturing and shipping these replaceable razors also contributes to carbon emissions, a major factor in climate change. When Adam and Adam saw the scale of waste shaving created, they knew there had to be a better way.

The safety razors already on the market were so different from disposables that making the switch was intimidating. So Adam and Adam set out to create a shaving experience with all the convenience of a plastic razor and none of the harmful impact. They ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, surpassing their goal and forming a community of happy shavers.

What They Created

Leaf Shave creates sleek, innovative razors designed for a modern world. Leaf Shave believes in owning fewer, but better things — and their razors reflect that belief.

The Leaf Razor, their original product, is unique in the world of safety razors. It’s designed with a built-in swivel head to give you the same ease you get from your favorite drugstore razor. The Leaf holds up to three blades, letting you adjust how closely you shave.

The Twig Razor is the Leaf’s cool little sibling. With a classic straight design and single blade, it gives a familiar razor a sustainable upgrade. The Twig’s compact head is made to give you a precise shave, so it’s perfect for reaching tight areas.

Both razors are made from durable metal that you can use again and again. They take single-edged metal blades that help eliminate razor burn, ingrown hairs, and irritated skin. And when the blades get dull, you can send them to be recycled! Leaf Razors give you the smooth, convenient shave you love for a fraction of the cost of overpriced disposables. Switching to Leaf Razors is a sustainable swap that’s great for your skin, your wallet, and the planet.

Where They Work

Leaf Shave is based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, home to beautiful rivers and the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Why We Love Them

We love Leaf Shave’s mission of changing the world one shave at a time. At Lochtree, we believe that the small, everyday choices we make have a real impact. So we appreciate that Leaf Shave brings sustainability into something as simple as your shaving routine.

And we love that the Leaf Shave team uses their unique skills to help make a difference. In the same way ecosystems work together, sustainable communities grow and thrive when we all bring our diverse talents and experiences to the table.

How They're Impacting the World

Since their founding, Leaf Shave has kept over 3 million disposable razors out of landfills. Currently, they have over 50,000 Leaf Shave users who divert 1.5 million razors from the waste stream each year.

The Leaf Shave team is dedicated to sustainability throughout their business. One way they achieve this vision is by packaging and shipping their products 100% plastic-free. They also measure, record, and proactively offset their carbon footprint and are certified Carbon-Neutral.

Leaf Shave supports climate action non-profit work and helps raise awareness about plastic pollution. They’re committed to learning every day, improving every year, and taking care of their users perfectly 100% of the time. Moving forward, they plan to continue creating innovative sustainable solutions — and they’ll keep going until every person has ditched disposable plastics for their shave.

How You Can Help

Leaf Shave believes that every shave is a chance to work toward a better world. If everyone in the United States switched to a Leaf Shave Razor, they’d keep more than 3 billion razors out of the landfill and save over 3 billion dollars. This would also eliminate over 25 thousand tons of packaging waste annually. And every year, over 1 million tons of carbon emissions would be kept out of the atmosphere.

  • You can help Leaf Shave in their quest for sustainability by:
  • Choosing reusable products instead of disposables
  • Raising awareness about plastic pollution
  • Finding creative ways to live greener
  • Switching to a plastic-free safety razor