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Sustainable Deodorant: An Honest Review for Papr Deodorant

  • 5 min read

Let’s talk about something you likely haven’t talked about this week… armpits. Each one of us has armpits that are completely unique to us. Some have hair, some don’t. Some sweat a lot, some don’t. Some are stinky, some aren’t.  

Which is what makes finding the right deodorant hard. The right deodorant for our partners, best friends, or family members may not be right for us. And you may not even know you’re using the wrong deodorant for you, because you’ve never used the right one! 

The right deodorant for everyone, at its simplest level, is a sustainable one. It’s never something that ends up in a landfill. It’s never made of plastic. There are great eco-friendly deodorant options out there for everyone!

Over the last year I’ve tried to remove all single use plastic items from my home. I invested in Papr Deodorant eight months ago. Here’s my honest review of using this plastic-free deodorant for the last three seasons.

How Do You Make Deodorant Waste Free?

To understand how any brand could make any product waste free, it’s important to understand what a product life cycle is. Once you know what a product life cycle is, examine each stage to get a better understanding of the resources needed to create it. Also, what happens to those resources when you’re done with that product?

Papr Deodorant is a waste free deodorant because you use all the deodorant inside the tube, and then the tube is recyclable or compostable. By making the tube out of biodegradable and reusable materials, Papr Deodorant has created a waste free deodorant. 

If you’re interested, there’s a lot to learn about the benefits of recycling paper.

First Impressions of Papr’s Sustainable, Natural Deodorant

When I ordered Papr Deodorant on Lochtree’s site I loved that I could subscribe and save, and that the carbon footprint of my shipping was offset. Deodorant is something I don’t want to run out of. Plus, I love that Lochtree ships with biodegradable and recyclable materials! 

Each order is guilt free mail you can get excited about. Unlike weird glossy fliers for things you never asked for. 

Also, remember around 10 to 15 years ago, when sustainable products were kind of flimsy and seemed poorly made? Well my friends, those days are gone. It’s fair to say we’ve swung in the opposite direction. When I opened my Papr Deodorant, it felt heavy to the touch. The cardboard around the deodorant was super sturdy. Way sturdier than a lot of the unsustainable products out there right now. 

I had a similar experience with my Leaf Razor, too. There’s something about the weight of the product that makes you feel like you’ve made a good investment.

The First Time I Used Papr Deodorant

I opened the deodorant and, like any good reviewer, took a sniff. I ordered “Bright Shiny Morning” and it smelled so dang good. The scent was like grapefruit and sunshine – a great smell to wake up to. 

Upon examining the tube, I laughed! The marketing on the inside of the deodorant says, “A little bit gets on the side, get over it,” which I thought was a super fun and clever way to address something that isn’t that big of a deal. I love a little bit of snark and personality from a company. 

The edges felt a little sharp at first. The deodorant is cut so it fits in the little tube, and has defined edges upon arrival. I found after a couple of uses that those edges smoothes out and were no trouble at all. Pro tip: Try to smooth out the edge by strategically using the edge to apply deodorant the first couple of times. 

To get the deodorant out of the cardboard case, you push on the bottom. Word to the wise, don’t push too hard, but if you do no worries, just give the bottom of the tube a little bang on the counter and the deodorant will go back down.

And for all those 80’s and 90’s kids out there, is anyone else super smitten that they look like Push Ups?! It can’t just be me.

My First Workout with Papr Deodorant

Naturally, I went straight to the gym once I put on the deodorant. I ran a couple of miles, lifted, and then headed back home. There was quite a bit of sweat, but I expected that. I was excited to see that I didn’t get any deodorant marks on my shirt either. As of today, I have yet to see any streaky deodorant stains from putting my shirt on.  

I was super delighted that when I lifted my arms I could still get the scent of grapefruit, rather than my usual body odor.

Traveling with Papr Deodorant

As I mentioned, I’ve been using Papr Deodorant for about eight months now. In that time, I’ve flown and driven many places. The first couple of times I traveled I worried about putting the deodorant in the suitcase. Would it get smashed? Would I get deodorant smeared all over my clothes or the inside of a pocket of my bag?

The good news is that the packaging, while 100% biodegradable, is also super resilient! I’ve brought it in carry-on bags, checked bags and overnight bags. And, I’m not always gentle with my luggage. So it was great to see that it could hold up to some wear and tear. 

On each of my trips I noticed minimal, if any, sweating, and the sweet grapefruit scent wherever I traveled. Papr Deodorant travels well, so throw it in your suitcase and take it along for the ride!

Helpful Context About the Reviewer of Papr Deodorant

As I mentioned, each deodorant is unique to each person. That said, given my experience, Papr Deodorant would be a great fit for anyone, and I recommend it to friends and family all the time!

In case you’re wondering, I’m a person who shaves my armpits, doesn’t sweat a lot (unless I’m working out) and has low to no stink pits. 

My perfect combo for armpit care is a Leaf RazorMountain Time Shave Soap in “Cedar + Clove”, and Papr Deodorant’s “Bright Shiny Morning”.

Would I Recommend Papr Deodorant? Absolutely. 

Papr Deodorant has supported my armpits through three seasons: winter, spring, and summer. As we move into fall, I’m confident that it will continue to produce the same great results. I’d recommend this deodorant to anyone. 

Lochtree carries it in six scents:

  • Bright Shiny Morning
  • Coastal Forests
  • The Deep
  • From Dusk Till Dawn
  • So Hot Right Now
  • Bare Naked

I’m having a hard time deciding if I should go with Bright Shiny Morning again, or switch it up! 

If you’ve never switched up your deodorant from plastic to an eco-friendly deodorant because you’re nervous or worried if it will work – it will. Now is the time. 

You could keep throwing your plastic deodorant tubes into your recycling bin. Know that 25% of what gets tossed in the recycling bin isn’t recyclable. Often, it’s just wishcycling, or recycling items that we hope are recyclable that aren’t. The two types of plastics used to make deodorant tubes have to be broken down and recycled separately… so our deodorant tubes often end up in landfills. 

Every single tube of deodorant you’ve ever used is still out there. 

Deodorant is a product that’s supposed to support you, not plague you with microplastics for the rest of your life. Papr can provide your pits with the support and scents you need, without any of eternal microplastics.