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6 Sustainable and Unique Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2024

  • 4 min read

Sometimes, it can feel like dads are really hard to shop for. Some dads have everything. And some dads don’t want anything. There are likely a handful of us that asked our dads what they wanted for Father’s Day and all they said was, “A card.”

Well, card dads, get ready to be blown away by a more sustainable gift for Father’s Day 2024. We put a lot of thought into the following gift ideas, and know there’s a great fit for any dad. In particular, we’ve gathered gifts for stylish dads, dads with workshops, fun dads, camping dads, dads who love to read, and new dads!

A Father’s Day Gift for the Stylish Dad

If your dad has a beard game that is always on point, or if he prides himself on his stylish wardrobe, get him a Leaf Shave Razor and our new Lochtree Dopp Kits made from reclaimed sails. The Leaf Shave Razor is a zero waste alternative to plastic shavers. It comes in multiple colors, two different sizes, and will help dad achieve the perfect shave he’s after. 

Lochtree's new Dopp Kits are thoughtful gift that pairs perfectly with either of our Leaf razors. Our Upcycled Dopp Kits are durable, water-resistant travel toiletry pouches made from reclaimed sails in Maine. 

You can ensure dad looks his best all year long with this thoughtful gift! And, if you want to make it a gift basket, don’t forget to get the 50 blade pack, the Leaf Razor Stand and this super fancy travel case

A Gift for Dad’s Shop

Give your dad a doormat that’s as tough as he is! Our Lobster Rope Doormats are practically indestructible. Dad works outside in the mud all day? No problem. Dad’s shoes are always covered in grease or grass clippings? No problem. Dad has a Doberman that likes to chew on things? Again, no problem. 

The Lobster Rope Doormat is made of 100% reclaimed lobster trap lines. These ropes have handled ocean tides, an incredible amount of salt, and aquatic life that’s hitching a ride. They can handle just about anything, so there is no better doormat for dad’s shop! 

Our doormat colors vary depending on which lines our purveyor, Sternlines, collects. Each mat is crafted with love in Maine and is a unique way to support healthy oceans. It’s highly unlikely you’ll find a gift more unique than this.

Father’s Day Gift for the Fun Dad

We all have at least one friend who has a fun dad, that is, if he’s not our own dad! So, why not encourage that fun loving spirit with a sustainable frisbee! Our Bureo frisbee is made from recycled fishing nets. They’re fun to toss around and they keep plastic from wreaking havoc on our oceans. 

The frisbee comes in a green color with a fun drawing of how the frisbee is made on the front of it. They’re made in California, and their dog approved. So feel free to get them for the dad that loves playing fetch in the backyard with the family dog, too! 

And, if dad really likes spending time with the pup, check out our Lobster Rope Dog Toy

For the Dad Who’s Setting Up His Airstream

There are a lot of dads out there that love to camp. Some want to take a week long backpacking trip. Others are preferential to car camping so they can set up an extravagant grilling station on their tail gate. 

Others have moved to the airstream to make camping a bit easier on them, and the family. If your dad hasn’t fully stocked his airstream (or RV) yet, get him a Knork cutlery set for Father’s Day. 

Knorks are incredibly sturdy while still being cost efficient. They’re also recyclable, made up of 85% sugarcane and 15% bamboo fiber. They’re made with Knork’s traditional ergonomic design that’s great for scooping and cutting. 

While being an alternative for plastic wear, they hardly compare to flimsy, unreliable plastic utensils. They’re multi-use, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and heat and moisture resistant. Perfect to wherever dad drags you in his airstream or RV!

Father’s Day Gift for the Dad who Loves to Read

If your dad loves to read, then it’s likely you’ve gotten him a book or two for Father’s Day. Why not up that gift by giving him a full reading experience? Get him a book that you know he’ll love, plus an infuser to make his own tea! 

Afterall, there are few things that partner quite so well in life as a great book and a great cup of tea. We love the Torch Tea Infuser as a sustainable gift for dad. You can also look up tea shops in your area, or order some unique loose leaf teas for dad to enjoy! 

The infuser is incredibly easy to use, 100% plastic free, and easy to keep clean. Once you’re finished brewing your tea, you can dump the tea leaves into your compost. Then, rinse the infuser, and put it back in the cabinet or drawer until you’re ready for your next cup and next read!

Father’s Day Gift Idea From Toddler

This gift is for dads that just became dads in the last couple of years. They likely have a kid that’s still in diapers and who needs to be burped regularly. You’re likely their partner reading this, searching for a cute gift to “give” from your baby or toddler. 

We love the book Friends & Anemones and think it makes a great toddler gift. It’s a fun, yet informative collection of poems that can deepen your child’s relationship with the ocean. The book is filled with underwater adventures that will make reading time fun for any dad!

Find the Perfect Sustainable and Unique Father’s Day Gift for Your Dad

While you could succumb to the pressure and get dad a nice card for Father’s Day this year, there are plenty of sustainable and unique gifts that will surprise and delight dad. There are also plenty of practical products your dad will love, especially if he’s trying to be more sustainable, or wants to make your home more sustainable!

All of our products are shipped in biodegradable and recyclable materials, and they’re 100% carbon neutral when it comes to shipping. We know that these little details add up and can make a big difference. 

From all of us at Lochtree, Happy Father’s Day!

Updated: June 2024