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Switching From Tube to Toothpaste Tab

There are companies all around the world developing new eco-friendly products in order to replace harmful commonplace items we use every day. If you are trying to reduce your waste, spending, or simply trying to find more convenient solutions in your bathroom, look no further. It may be time to stop squeezing the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube and make the switch to toothpaste tablets (otherwise known as toothpaste tabs).

Impact of Tubed Toothpaste

When it comes to oral hygiene, the vast majority of people use traditional toothpaste that comes in a single-use plastic tube. This, unfortunately, makes a lot of sense because when you go to the store that is all you see. It seems like any toothpaste brand that you have ever heard of uses these plastic tubes and they seem to keep getting smaller with less toothpaste in them. You may think that size does not matter because they are specially designed to remove plaque, keep your teeth white or help your sensitive teeth. The fact is that the smaller they are the faster we consume the toothpaste, purchase more, and use it and the more plastic that ends up discarding.

When everyone brushes their teeth, approximately twice a day, the whole world goes through a lot of toothpaste, which means a lot of plastic toothpaste tubes in the landfills. No human being is capable of getting out every last drop of toothpaste and some people do not even bother trying; imagine how much toothpaste has been wasted as a result in the last 5 years. How can these things continue to make sense to use?

As a small step in the right direction, some companies are making recyclable toothpaste tubes for their products. I wish recyclable plastic was the solution we needed, but that will not stop some people from throwing it out anyway. It is also worth pointing out that keeping a separate recycling container in the bathroom for recyclables is far from the norm. Furthermore, these recyclable plastics may sound revolutionary for saving the earth but they have a grim caveat; during the production of these recyclable plastics, greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide can be released into the atmosphere. Nitrous oxide is 310 times more potent than carbon dioxide, therefore it is clear that a more sustainable solution needs to become commonly used instead, such as toothpaste tablets.

When everyone brushes their teeth, approximately twice a day, the whole world goes through a lot of toothpaste, which means a lot of plastic tooth tubes in the landfills.

What You Should Know About Toothpaste Tabs

Toothpaste tabs are the zero-waste way to go when it comes to eco-friendly toothpaste. While making your teeth and the earth a little cleaner, they also just make sense. No plastic, no leftover product that is hard to get, and they are also great for traveling or for students since they are super compact. Each toothpaste tab is also pre-proportioned which is hugely convenient and means that you will be using the correct amount of toothpaste each time. 

Georganics Toothpaste Tablets

In addition to reducing the needless plastic waste, toothpaste tablets also have a much smaller carbon footprint due to being water-free. A key advantage of creating a solid tablet is that the water weight is removed resulting in a lightweight product that is easier to ship and thus produces a smaller carbon footprint through transportation. 

At Lochtree we offer UNPASTE Tooth Tabs and Georganics Toothpaste Tablets. UNPASTE Tooth Tabs are a zero-waste toothpaste, with fluoride, that comes in completely compostable packaging, with no plastic, and should last you about 2 months! Georganics Toothpaste Tablets are a fluoride-free toothpaste that comes in a plastic-free glass bottle and also should last you two months. They are both vegan and cruelty-free and the best part is there is nothing left behind when you are done. All you have to do is pop a tab in your mouth, chew softly, then brush your teeth as usual. 

Environmentally Friendly Oral Care

Switching to toothpaste tabs is just one way to reduce waste in your oral care routine. The average person creates plastic waste in every step they take to keep their teeth clean, including their toothbrush, floss, mouthwash, and toothpaste. If you want to learn more about how you can reduce your ecological footprint by switching your toothbrush, check out my other blog Ditch Your Plastic Toothbrush, or make the switch to a Bamboo Toothbrush now. If you want to learn more about zero-waste mouthwash, check out our related blog Mouthwash Tablets: What You Need to Know.    

Parting Thoughts

As many of us look for ways to continue to reduce needless plastic waste and live more sustainably, products like zero waste toothpaste tablets are an awesome place to start and may leave you wondering why you haven’t been using them all along. As a pre-proportioned, lightweight, convenient, and plastic-free product, toothpaste tabs are hard to beat. 

Written by Alex W.