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All the Benefits Of BeeBAGZ, Beyond Sustainability

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Imagine being able to buy an item you frequently buy just once. When you get it, it doesn’t come in a giant package that takes up half of your storage space. It’s also not 400 rolls or 1,000 items. It doesn’t require a trip to a giant department store on a busy Sunday. Imagine once a year, you bought something… like a plastic snack or sandwich bag and then didn’t think about buying bags again until the next year. 

Now, imagine it’s not plastic. Imagine it’s biodegradable and won’t be lingering around in landfills long after you’re done using it. And best of all, it won’t become part of the 40lbs of plastic you’ll unfortunately eat in your lifetime. 

While we know this sounds too good to be true, it gets better. The incredible thing that we need to make sure you know is that BeeBAGZ also keeps your food fresh for longer.

What Are BeeBAGZ?

BeeBAGZ are reusable bags that replace plastic storage bags. They’re made of biodegradable materials, and have fun prints. At Lochtree, we carry all three sizes (small, medium, large) in three colors. 

They’re an incredibly easy sustainable swap. To use, grab your BeeBAGZ and the food you want to put in it. Next, put the food in it. To secure your food, roll the top and press to close. Then give yourself a gold star for packing your lunch because we know it’s hard to do sometimes. 

Like most beeswax products, be sure to wash your BeeBAGZ in cold water. Hot water can make the wax melt. Use a mild soap and when you’re done, make tiny tents to dry. If the bag isn’t too dirty, you can also wipe out the inside with a wet kitchen towel or a quick rinse. 

If you’re ready to get into the nitty gritty of the product, our BeeBAGZ product page covers almost everything you’d want to know. But if you’re wondering if this product is a good fit for your life, if you’re looking for an honest review of the pros and cons of investing in a biodegradable reusable snack and sandwich bag, or want to know why where you get your BeesBagz matters… keep reading.

Who Should Use BeeBAGZ? 

BeeBAGZ are a great investment for almost anyone who’s looking to cut down on their plastic waste and keep their food fresher for longer. But, here’s a list of people who could benefit from BeeBAGZ:

  • Families with children
  • People who forget about their leftovers and need their food to stay fresh longer so they have time to eat it
  • Tiny home owners
  • Travelers who are transporting food 
  • Moms and grandmothers who like to send leftovers with their kids
  • People who still go into an office and pack a lunch
  • Van life dwellers
  • People who live in homes with limited cabinet space
  • Apartment renters or owners 
  • People with plastic allergies 
  • People who leave their food on the counter and their dog tries to swipe it (they’re much thicker and harder to get into)
  • People who are trying to reduce their plastic waste
  • People who would prefer that other people can’t see their food through transparent plastic
  • People who eat food

As we said, this list is only a starting point rather than a comprehensive list. We think 99% of people could use BeeBAGZ. 

Who’s this product not a great fit for? Since they’re made of an animal product, BeeBAGZ are likely not a good fit for vegans. We do carry a great alternative, vegan food wrap!

If You’re Here Because You Need Lunch Bags: Honest BeeBAGZ Review

It’s important to present our readers with the pros and cons of each of our products. This helps ensure you’re only purchasing products that you need that are a great fit for your life. We know there’s a high likelihood that you’re someone that eats food. So, the following pros and cons list should help you narrow down if BeeBAGZ are a good fit for your life.

The Pros:

  • Food lasts longer. Due to the materials BeeBAGZ are made from, food stays fresh longer. Reduce food waste and plastic waste at the same time. Who doesn’t want an extra couple days to eat their leftovers? 
  • Excellent for snackies. Regardless of if your kids are team Cheddar Bunnies or team Goldfish, these are great for snack transportation. 
  • They come in fun colors. Express your bad self.
  • They last at least a year
  • That also means you never run out. No scrambling to try and find something to put your food in because someone left an empty box in a drawer. 
  • They’re repurposable. When they’re no longer sticky, you can use them as a storage vessel for non-food items. 
  • Like, really repurposable. You can also slice them up into pieces and use them as fire starter. Which makes them practical now and in a climate apocalypse situation. 
  • And if you’re not a repurpose kind of person, you can compost them

To be completely transparent, we do think that BeeBAGZ are an almost perfect product so, the cons list isn’t long. These were all the things we could come up with that would be a drawback to BeeBAGZ.

The Cons: 

  • There are only three colors to pick from currently. Sorry person whose favorite color is purple. 
  • They aren’t transparent. They don’t ask for money and lie to you or anything, but you can’t see your food through them.  
  • Your hands might get cold washing them. Beeswax products and hot water don’t mix, so mentally prepare yourself for cold fingers. 
  • Not a great transportation vehicle for soup. Please don’t burn yourself. 

In our opinion, the pros outweigh the cons and BeeBAGZ are an easy decision. That said, if you only eat soup they might not be the right choice for your needs.

Why Where You Get Your BeeBAGZ Matters

BeeBagz are a product that you can purchase from a large, online web platform with a CEO known for going to space… not to call anyone out…

Which is why we need to share that where you get your product from matters. More people that turn to more sustainable, reusable, plastic free options the better. We’re glad this product is being sold on a larger scale. Yet, depending on where you buy the product from, you can create an even bigger sustainable impact. 

We love that BeeBAGZ is seeking B-Corp certification and are members of 1% of the planet. Our values align with theirs. We’re also members of 1% for the planet. 

We offset our shipping carbon footprint to ensure we’re creating as minimal of an impact as possible. We could sell every product under the sun, but instead we’ve decided to only offer home and lifestyle products that are good for you and the planet. 

BeeBAGZ does a great job of helping to eliminate single use plastic products. Let’s keep that momentum going and make the biggest impact we can with our purchases.

Do The Right Thing And Keep Your Food Fresh Longer 

We know a lot of people want to do the right thing, which is why things like Wishcycling exist, especially when it comes to single use plastic. The fact of the matter is, there are great sustainable swaps that do provide a long list of benefits beyond being sustainable. We’re learning, more than ever, that we don’t need single use plastics. 

If you want to buy 2,000 sandwich bags at a department store on a Sunday and stand in a line that takes 30 minutes with the smell of corn dogs wafting in your face, then that is your right. 

If you’re ready to skip the store, invest in one bag for the rest of the year, reduce your food and plastic waste and keep your food fresh longer, look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Want to learn more about BeeBagz, including their origin story? Check out our founder, Henry Palmer, talking with Kristi MacDonald and Kevin Parchment, the founders of BeeBagz, on our Youtube channel.