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All the Details You Need About the LastRound

  • 4 min read

If you’re looking for information on who’s buying the last round of drinks at the end of the night, we have bad news. You’re in the wrong place. If you’re looking for more information on the LastRound, a new sustainable item meant to replace single-use cotton balls, we have good news. You are in the right place. 

We know that the main reason for skepticism when it comes to buying a reusable cotton pad is in regards to skin care. What if the LastRound makes your skin break out or is hard to clean? We hear that concern and want to soothe any worries you have. This blog post will help cover general information about the LastRound. We’ll also share some of the environmental impacts of choosing the LastRound over single-use cotton balls or cotton pads.  Towards the end, we’ll talk about if the LastRound is a good option for your skin. 

Here are all the details about reusable cotton rounds.

General Information on the LastRound

The LastRound is a product made of only sustainably sourced materials. The reusable cotton pads are 30% organic cotton and 70% Scandinavian wood fiber. The LastRound case is made with recycled, ocean-bound plastic. When ordering online, the packaging will consist of a compostable box. 

The cotton in the LastRound is not any cotton. The cotton used in the LastRound isn’t even cotton produced exclusively for LastRounds. All the cotton used to make the reusable cotton balls come from the textile industry. These pieces of cotton are too short to be used to create clothing or other textiles. Rather than composting these leftover materials, the LastRound found a way to use these tiny bits of cotton and extend their lifecycle.

While Scandinavian wood fiber may not sound like the softest thing you’ve ever touched, it will surprise you how soft these reusable cotton rounds are! The wood fibers come from birch and pine trees. The LastRound isn’t the only product made of this wood pulp, as it’s also used in sustainable clothing lines. The pulp is so soft to the touch you wouldn’t even know it was wood fiber if we didn’t tell you.
Our LastRound comes with seven reusable cotton pads that can be machine washed after each use. We recommend washing the reusable pad in a mesh laundry bag with your other laundry. Don’t forget to add your Cora Ball to each load.

Environmental Impact of the LastRound

LastRound Lifestyle Photo

As we mentioned earlier, the LastRound is made of only sustainably sourced materials. The box the LastRound arrives in, as well as the reusable cotton pads are compostable. 

The case is plastic but BPA free. Also, there’s no reason you’d ever need to dispose of it as it is the perfect holder for a lifetime of LastRounds. The seven cotton rounds are good for up to 1,750 uses. Reusing seven reusable cotton rounds means you’re helping keep 1,750 cotton balls from landfills. 

As always, it’s important for us to note the benefit of the full life cycle of this product. Picture 1,750 cotton balls in one shipping truck. While those cotton ball bags might look like little perfect pillows, they take up a good amount of space. Compare that to the space one of the LastRounds takes up. We’re able to ship far more LastRounds together than we are cotton balls, and less often. This means we’re helping divert Co2 from our atmosphere via shipping alone. 

It also takes 22,000 gallons of water to grow only one kilogram of cotton. Oftentimes, there are also far more sustainable or native crops that could be grown on the land where cotton is being grown. By using less cotton in a reusable item vs. more cotton in a single-use item, we’re freeing up space for farmers to grow different crops that are native to their area.

Are Reusable Cotton Pads Good for Your Skin?

We know that many people are looking for more sustainable options to incorporate into their skincare routine. You might be wondering if you can use reusable cotton pads to remove makeup. You might be wondering if you can use reusable cotton pads with toner. You might be wondering if reusable cotton pads are good for your skin. 

The simplest answer we can give you is, yes, they are able to remove makeup, work great with toner, and are good for your skin. But don’t take our word for it. 

We did a little bit of extra digging to find out how others felt about using reusable cotton rounds. We found a feature article written by Mika Robinson. Mika is a beauty writer that decided to try out a reusable cotton pad as a substitute for cotton balls in her beauty routine. On the blog she wrote, “I have acne-prone skin, and from my experience, adding reusable cotton pads to my skincare regimen has done my skin major justice.” Her full review suggested that she felt good about her skin, her wallet, and her impact on the planet.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when it comes to skincare concerns around reusable cotton rounds is if you wash them, there will be no problem. If you wash your LastRounds regularly, you’ll see they’re the perfect substitute for cotton balls.

Every Sustainable Home Needs a LastRound

There are so many things to love about the LastRound. We love how it’s made. We love how much smaller its carbon footprint is to cotton balls. We love that at the end of its life cycle it’s compostable rather than heading to landfills. We love that it takes up less space in our bathroom drawers than a giant bag of cotton balls. We love that we have plenty of these products for everyone. We love that the cases come in fun colors and that you get to pick the color that best represents you. 

There’s no reason to continue to use a single-use item when amazing products like the LastRound exist. This product is a great addition to any sustainable home or a great first step into partaking in more sustainable practices. Get your LastRound here.