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The 2021 Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide for Each Enneagram Type

  • 8 min read

The holidays are an opportunity to make people feel loved and seen. We celebrate our most cherished relationships by exchanging gifts. Sometimes we also have to find a gift for someone we may not know well. 

The worst gift-giving case scenario is when the person receiving the gift doesn’t like the gift and throws it away. This is a lose/lose situation for many reasons. You may have made a negative impact on your relationship. You’ve also sent unused materials to a landfill. This year, we’re avoiding gift giving that isn’t impactful. By impactful we mean we’re giving great gifts to enhance the lives of people we love and that take care of the planet. 

To ensure we send less gifts to landfills, we’ve created an Enneagram gift guide with our sustainable twist. Enneagram is a personality test that groups people into 9 personality types. While Enneagram is more complicated than one personality type, we’ve curated this gift guide so if you know someone’s basic personality type, you can give them a meaningful, sustainable gift. If you’re not sure what type someone is, or what type you are, take the test here.

Holiday Gifts for Enneagram 1 (The Perfectionist/Reformer)

During the holiday season, your type 1 friend is likely to have the most up-to-date facts on climate change. If you have a type 1 friend, you know they are happiest when things are clean and when they’re able to do things their way. What your type 1 friends want to hear this holiday season is that they’re a good person and you love them.

These two eco-friendly gifts will delight type 1’s given they are meaningful and practical. You can make them feel seen and loved by giving them:

  • Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent: Introducing our mess-free and plastic-free detergent! Unlike most detergents, Eco-Strip Laundry Detergent doesn’t have harsh chemicals or harmful additives. The packet fits nicely anywhere and it’s the least messy detergent that’s ever existed. Giving your type 1 friend this sustainable gift gives them the opportunity to try something new that will enhance their life. 
  • Hand Soap To Go: These little to go hand soap gives your type 1 full control over their sanitation, no matter where they are. This eco-friendly gift doesn’t include the harsh ingredients public bathroom soap often carries. It comes in a refillable glass bottle with a dropper, providing maximum control and tidiness no matter where they stow this product.

Holiday Gifts for Enneagram 2 (The Helper)

As the helper, your type 2 friend is likely the person who knows all the organizations fighting climate change to donate to. They've also likely volunteered. Type 2s make great friends given their selfless and helpful nature. While they’re busy taking care of everyone else, flip the script and spoil them with the following eco-friendly gifts! 

You can show your type 2 they’re wanted, valuable, and that you know and love them by giving them:

  • Bees Wrap Food Wrap: Give your favorite type 2 a way to alleviate their packaging guilt this holiday season with bees wrap! They’re likely running around, taking food to other people or enjoying a meal out with others while being a support system. Bees wrap allows them to take those leftovers, or that casserole to a friend without creating unnecessary plastic waste. Like your friendship with type 2s, bees wrap is long lasting (and zero-waste). 
  • Kaolin Face Mask: Give your type 2 an eco-friendly, consumable gift this holiday season that will leave them refreshed and rejuvenated! We recommend our face mask by Kaolin. This face mask has simple ingredients to nourish skin. It comes in a recyclable paper bag, leaving you with an eco-friendly spa solution to help the 2 in your life relax and take care of themselves!

Holiday Gifts for Enneagram 3 (The Achiever) 

Your type 3 is most likely to have taken major steps towards reversing climate change. This might be through lobbying or starting a zero-waste business. Tell your type 3 friend they are valuable just for being them, and not for their accomplishments. 

These goal-oriented and success-driven individuals would feel special to receive:

  • Cora Ball: This zero-waste gift comes with a wow factor, as it’s a relatively new sustainability product. That means type 3s can show it off! Place a Cora Ball in your washer and this little ball removes microplastic from your laundry. This reduces the amount of microplastics in the ocean. Your type 3 friend will likely create a spreadsheet to figure out how much microplastic they’ve diverted from landfills while using it. 
  • Leaf Razor: This razor is one cool reusable gift that you could give a type 3. Two billion razors are tossed into landfills by Americans each year. But not anymore with the Leaf! They’re made of durable metal and a built-in pivoting head. Plus, it will leave your friend with a smooth shave post-shower, ready to tackle all their achievements!

Holiday Gifts for Enneagram 4 (The Individualist) 

Gift Being Wrapped

Your type 4 friends are most likely to have created an artistic expression to represent their feelings towards climate change. 4s value depth and authenticity, and they’re in tune with their feelings and the feelings of those around them. 

Show them how special and unique you know that they are with these eco-friendly gifts:

  • Last Swab:  The Last Swab was created with one thing in mind - to ensure single-use swabs aren’t needed ever again. However, this gift comes with a disclaimer! In order for this zero waste gift to truly speak to a type 4, be sure to let them pick their own color. Getting to make the decision will make them feel special and unique. 
  • Lobster Doormat: Our lobster rope doormats are incredibly durable while still being unique and functional. They're made of 100% reclaimed lobster lines removed from the Atlantic. Similar type 4s, they’re so unique we often don’t know what colors we’ll get with each shipment! Like the Last Swab gift, be sure to let your type 4 pick the color they want before gifting. 

Holiday Gifts for Enneagram 5 (The Observer) 

Type 5s are the kind of people you’ll likely have the best climate change conversations with this holiday season. 5s have a private and active mind. They’re observers who examine how the world works. This holiday season they need to hear they’re capable, but that it’s ok to ask for help. 

To give your type 5 ample space to process and observe, give them these zero waste holiday gifts:

  • Coffee Sock ColdBrew Kit: The coffee sock kit rids the world of single-use coffee filters and makes delicious cold brew. We recommend gifting this with a couple of your favorite sustainable, fair trade coffees. Be sure to ask your type 5 what they thought of each one after the new year. Also, given coffee's superpower ability to get thoughts going, it’s the perfect gift for a 5!
  • Outdoor Cutlery Set: Give the 5 in your life an outdoor cutlery set as a zero waste Christmas gift. This product includes everything they’d ever need to avoid single-use cutlery again. Couple this gift with some picnic items so they can spend time contemplating and observing in a park!

Holiday Gifts for Enneagram 6 (The Loyalist) 

6s are likely the friend who is having the hardest time with their climate change anxiety this holiday season as they value feeling secure and safe. It’s good to remind them that they are safe, and that the two of you will continue to fight for climate change together. 6s are also great friends, so it’s important to show up for them during the holiday season. 

Give your type 6 these sustainable holiday gifts to help take their mind off their climate anxiety: 

  • Organic Coffee Filter: Since 6s are such great friends, it’s likely they’re having people over this holiday season. So, why not give them this zero-waste coffee filter? Our organic coffee filter makes entertaining, coffee brewing, and diverting waste from landfills easy and efficient. It’s perfect to help 6s focus on quality time with others this holiday season.
  • Frisbee: We love this frisbee because it’s made from repurposed fishing nets. Pulled from the ocean and placed into the hands of a 6, this frisbee is long-lasting, like your relationship! Get your 6 outside to spend time with others and have fun with this cool reusable gift.

Holiday Gifts for Enneagram 7 (The Enthusiast) 

The 7 in your life is the person who is most likely to feel positive and optimistic about our ability to combat climate change. At their core, 7s are future thinking, optimistic, and energetic. They love a good party and often have lots of plans and keep busy during the holidays. Remind them this holiday season they will be cared for.

Make the 7s you know feel loved and seen with these sustainable gifts that leverage their core desire to be happy:

  • Sustainable Sunscreen: Here’s the thing, you can’t just give your 7 sunscreen. Gift your 7 a fun outing that includes some outdoor time. Think a trip to the zoo, a scavenger hunt around your city, or a picnic in the park. Include the sunscreen as the physical representation of the outing with a sweet note. They’ll love that you made a spontaneous plan and took the time to care for them with sustainable sunscreen. 
  • Jenga Ocean: Give the life of the party this sustainable game of Jenga! Who doesn’t love this classic game of ensuring the tower doesn’t topple over? This Jenga is special though, as it’s far more sustainable than most Jenga’s! Made from 100% recycled fishing nets, your 7 can feel good having fun and saving the planet!

Holiday Gifts for Enneagram 8 (The Challenger) 

8s are most likely to bring you to a climate change protest in order to hold main carbon emitters accountable. They’re powerful, confident, and concerned with justice. They’ll fight for the things they believe in and for others, which means climate change could be weighing heavy on their heart this holiday season. What 8s need to hear this year is that they’re important.

To make the 8 in your life feel loved and known, give them one of these zero waste gifts: 

  • Glass Water Bottle: This reusable bottle is a high-quality borosilicate glass water bottle. It’s as sleek as it is helpful! 8s can get a little carried away sometimes advocating for others. Remind them to take care of themselves by staying hydrated. We need them in the climate change fight! 
  • Bees Wrap Lunch Bags: Like the water bottle, we recommend pairing the zero waste gift of bees wrap lunch bags with a note reminding your 8 they’re needed. It could say something like, “Fight climate change and make sure you don’t skip lunch again! You’re important. Don’t forget to care for yourself, too!” 

Holiday Gifts for Enneagram 9 (The Peacemaker) 

9s are the most likely to encourage people to find common ground in regards to their climate change views. They’re diplomatic, modest, easy-going, and always try to keep the peace. If you don’t have a 9 at any of your holiday parties, we recommend finding one ASAP. What they need to hear this holiday season is that they matter, so they’ll be grateful for the invite! 

Make your 9 feel loved and seen with these sustainable gifts to take care of themselves: 

  • Face Mask: This is the only gift we recommend for two different Enneagram types. Although, who doesn’t love a good face mask? We know that the last couple of years have been tumultuous, and 9s have taken all that fighting and conflict in. Help them relax and unwind with this face mask that comes in two types, Rose Aloe and Spirulina Matcha Detox. 
  • Glass Coffee Cup: 9s are known for holding space for others, seeking peace, and finding common ground. Help them sip through those big opinions with this beautiful glass coffee cup. It comes in four different colors and helps eliminate single-use coffee cups.

There’s a Unique Zero Waste Gift For Everyone

While shopping this holiday season, look for gifts that your loved ones genuinely need. While we always want to find something that they love, finding something that is practical and helpful is something they can keep forever. Look for companies that are going the extra mile with their sustainable initiatives. This can look like providing sustainable packaging, giving back a portion of their profit to climate change initiatives, and providing eco-friendly gift options. 

We can take a stand for the planet together this holiday season while still giving gifts that provide value to everyone’s life.