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You want to get started with minimalism, but you’re not sure how to begin. There are so many different minimalist methods and philosophies. And you get overwhelmed when you think about all the clutter you want to minimize.

Taking your first steps into minimalism can feel unfamiliar and intimidating. But you’re not alone. We’ve honed in on nine simple steps to help you start with confidence, lay a solid foundation and avoid burning yourself out.

Q-tips were originally made of wood and were exclusively for babies. Now, Q-tips are used on babies, to apply makeup, to remove nail polish, for ear cleaning and so much more. This product is not siloed to one group or use. While working on this blog post, we learned that the “Q” in Q-tip stands for quality. If you’re reading this, chances are that’s what you’re looking for. A quality substitution to your current unsustainable Q-tip. You’re also probably wondering if a reusable Q-tip is right for you. 
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Sustainability and turning green are often misunderstood. It is frequently seen as a costly endeavor. This is often not the case, since most sustainable measures will help you save money in the long run. You may just have to put money into turning green in the beginning.

Just like any other investment, you need to put in some time, effort, and money to get the benefits. So don't be afraid to become green; there are many advantages for both the environment and your money.

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Food is our fuel and a central part of our lives. Unfortunately though, food consumption generates a jaw dropping amount of waste, and if you’re serious about living a zero-waste lifestyle, targeting your grocery shopping routine is a great place to start.
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For being one of the smaller rooms in the home, the bathroom creates a serious amount of waste. The wastes we create from within our bathrooms are various. We waste water, packaging, chemicals, and energy. Plastic packaging from cosmetics and toiletry products are commonly found as plastic pollution in the ocean and environment.
As spring and summer arrive each year, the drive to get outside and enjoy the outdoors increases exponentially. Picnicking, whether on your own or with friends and family, tends to also go hand-in-hand with warmer weather and can be a great opportunity to reconnect with the environment. However, this timeless activity can, without planning, produce a significant volume of needless waste. From single-serving dishes packaged in plastic to single-use plastic bottles, cutlery, and more, a simple picnic can quickly result in a pile of avoidable waste. 
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Zero-waste kitchens are not only clutter-free and functional, but they support lifestyles that reduce environmental harm. Transforming your kitchen into a zero-waste space may seem daunting, especially if you are the type that wants to change your entire kitchen and routines overnight. While that may be possible for some, for most it is a step-by-step journey that involves longer periods of planning and implementing. Both approaches are effective, and are sure to teach you a great deal about yourself, your habits, and your home!
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Flossing our teeth is an activity that most of us probably do not spend much time considering (except for maybe after visiting the dentist). While very important for oral hygiene, flossing is quietly having a growing detrimental impact on the environment. Yes, you read that correctly.
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Zero-waste living has become a popular environmental aspiration. Many approaches to zero-waste living exist, and individuals are turning to them for various reasons; individuals from diverse backgrounds, inspirations, motivators, household sizes, and ages.
Our bathrooms are host to countless grooming and hygiene products, mostly made from plastic or coming packaged in plastic containers. If these plastic-based and plastic packaged consumables weren’t bad enough, most are never be separated from other rubbish and fail to end up in a recycling bin. So, where to begin? Well, have you considered replacing your old mouthwash with dissolvable mouthwash tablets? This relatively new eco-friendly product is rapidly gaining in popularity as consumers quickly come to appreciate its benefits as well as ease of use. 
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The safety razor, also known as the double-edged safety razor, is a great example of a product that was arguable perfect before plastics were introduced. The last fifty years have brought us advancement after advancement with our razors, from more and more blades, different materials, exciting and strange colors, and much more. But, as we take a closer look at the razor, a mainstay of many grooming routines, we find that the eco-friendly safety razor may have had it right all along. 
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As we search for opportunities to reduce waste in our lives, one of the best places to begin is with our daily routines. One of these routines is brushing our teeth, something most of us do at least twice a day. But, within this daily practice is an opportunity to reduce plastic waste. The commonplace plastic toothbrush has a significant and long lasting effect on our planet. 
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